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News 2020-08-15T08:37:00Z
A video bath rave somerset locdow

People are breaking lockdown and risking their health to rave in secret during the pandemic: 'Everyone is there for the music, not thinking about this s---'

The coronavirus pandemic has driven partying underground. The London police identified at least 500 illegal raves in the city in July alone.
Beauty 2020-08-14T21:41:00Z
Jeffree Star poses for photos at Cosmoprof at BolognaFiere Exhibition Centre on March 17, 2018 in Bologna, Italy.

Jeffree Star is releasing his first nude makeup collection and calling it 'Orgy'

The 'Orgy' collection includes a 30-pan palette of matte shades, a 'Mini Orgy' metallic palette, glosses, mirrors, and more.
Culture 2020-08-14T21:38:30Z
TikTok links usually show up as previews in iMessages, but a glitch made them look like HTML text files.

A TikTok glitch made links sent over text look like HTML files, and some TikTok users thought it was the first stage of a Trump ban

The TikTok glitch seems to have been corrected, but it resulted in a few funny TikToks questioning why the links looked like suspicious HTML files.
Culture 2020-08-14T21:20:00Z
Culture 2020-08-14T20:01:50Z

Influencer Bryce Hall challenged Hype House's Thomas Petrou to a $500,000 boxing match to settle their feud

In the video, Hall taunted Petrou to "look in the mirror" and ask himself, "Am I a real man? Do I really wanna make the world a better place?"
Culture 2020-08-14T19:07:13Z

'Kombucha Girl' Brittany Broski said her former power-manager to the stars withheld over $20,000 from her in a state labor complaint

The New York Times reported that Broski had filed a complaint that claimed that former manager Ariadna Jacob owed her thousands.
Entertainment 2020-08-14T17:31:42Z

'The Legend of Korra' helped me accept my bisexuality when I was still a closeted teen. It also ushered in a new era for queer cartoons.

"The Legend of Korra" hit Netflix on August 14. It helped me understand my bisexuality, and set a precedent for LGBTQ representation in cartoons.
Entertainment 2020-08-14T17:18:50Z

Nas took aim at Doja Cat in his latest song, calling her 'the opposite' of 'unapologetically Black,' referencing her presence in fringe chat rooms

Doja Cat has apologized for causing offense because of her participation in online chat rooms where racist rhetoric was allegedly used.
Culture 2020-08-14T15:09:07Z

Shane Dawson quietly launched new merchandise while staying silent on his controversies

Killer Merch shoppers received emails advertising a new Shane Dawson white pig backpack and white pig tumbler, despite the YouTuber's silence.
Culture 2020-08-14T14:41:49Z

Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland joked about the pair's turbulent relationship in a viral TikTok video

"Think you can hurt my feelings? My dad is Alec Baldwin," the 24-year-old model captioned her recent video.
Culture 2020-08-13T20:41:06Z

Jake Paul addressed the FBI raid on his Calabasas mansion, claiming he's removed people who do 'malicious things' from his life

Former Team 10 manager Adam Quinn and a woman who says she has filed a police report pertaining to Arman Izadi appeared on "Drama Alert."
Culture 2020-08-13T19:47:26Z

Video shows American Airlines banning a pro-Trump personality for refusing to wear a mask

David Harris Jr., a conservative author and podcaster, had documented his refusal to wear a mask on two prior flights.
Lifestyle 2020-08-13T19:13:00Z

An influencer has apologized after she left graffiti on ancient chalk cliffs

Influencer Alexandra Milam's handle was spotted among hundreds of tags on Durdle Door, ancient chalk cliffs located in Dorset, England.
Entertainment 2020-08-13T12:33:14Z

Drake Bell has denied allegations of abuse made by his ex-girlfriend on TikTok

In her first video, Lingafelt said that Bell verbally abused her when they lived together and that he turned violent, allegations which he denies.
Lifestyle 2020-08-13T05:00:00Z

The inside story of Harry and Meghan's great escape from royal life, as told by 2 comic creators

After young Prince Harry lost his mother, he never forgave those he blamed for ruining Diana's life. Two decades later, he refused to let it happen again.
Beauty 2020-08-12T21:09:00Z

Patrick Starrr shares how late nights making YouTube videos led to him owning a cosmetics company

As part of Insider's Beauty Files series, we asked Patrick Starrr to share his favorite products, earliest beauty memories, and more.
Health 2020-08-12T20:57:00Z

Cardi B and 10 other celebrities who have made OnlyFans pages

Rapper Cardi B is the latest and most famous celebrity to start a page on OnlyFans, which became a cultural mainstay for erotic content creators.
Culture 2020-08-12T18:36:00Z

6 of Bon Appétit's stars departed the popular YouTube channel after allegations of a 'toxic' work culture. Here's how the magazine devolved into chaos.

In a lengthy Twitter post, Carla Lalli Music became the most recent YouTube star to announce her departure from the video team.
Culture 2020-08-12T17:59:27Z

Bon Appétit personalities Carla Lalli Music and Gaby Melian announced that they're leaving the brand's videos

On Aug. 12, Carla Lalli Music announced that she was leaving Bon Appétit video. Test Kitchen Manager Gaby Melian said on Aug. 8 that she was leaving.
Culture 2020-08-12T17:26:50Z

A father filmed a racist encounter with a white woman who called him the N-word and phoned the police over a parking spot

The 34-year-old was picking up his children from his aunt's apartment complex when an elderly resident accosted him.
Culture 2020-08-12T17:14:00Z

A comedian asked for stories of Ellen being mean and got 2,000 replies. Now, her show is mired in controversy.

A Twitter thread asking for stories about Ellen DeGeneres being mean got nearly 2,000 replies, including stories about former employees.
Culture 2020-08-12T11:26:27Z

The TikTok Hype House is selling a 'free' Hype Chain, but critics are calling it a scam because local shipping costs $20

Hype House members are advertising the "free" chains on their social media, but some think it's a scam seen many times from influencers in the past.
Culture 2020-08-11T21:06:00Z

Bon Appétit Test Kitchen star Alex Delany apologized after his co-star called him out for using a homophobic slur

Andy Baraghani criticized Alex Delany's use of a gay slur in an old Vine, and after two months, Delany apologized.
News 2020-08-11T11:54:17Z

A 17-year-old 'Sesame Street' theme-park employee had to undergo jaw surgery after a visitor punched him over a face-mask requirement, police say

The police told local news outlets that they were looking for the man who punched the worker and fled in a car with New York license plates.
Health 2020-08-11T11:21:14Z

A nail technician said a client lied about having the coronavirus because they 'desperately' needed a manicure

Taylor, a nail technician, said she received a message from a customer saying they had tested positive for COVID-19 before their appointment.
Culture 2020-08-10T22:00:03Z

Jeffree Star says his 103-year-old grandmother is real, but here's why some YouTube sleuths are still suspicious

There's a rampant online theory that Jeffree Star's grandmother isn't real, but the beauty guru says that's ridiculous.
Culture 2020-08-10T20:19:10Z

Emma Chamberlain says she and James Charles have become friends again over a year after the 'Sister Squad' unfollowed each other

After Chamberlain and the Dolan twins unfollowed James Charles during "Dramageddon 2.0," two members of the "Sister Squad" are back on good terms.
Culture 2020-08-10T19:35:00Z

A motivational speaker with a rare genetic condition is condemning a 'hurtful' TikTok trend that she says promotes intolerance among children

Lizzie Velasquez is warning TikTokers about the #facetimeprank trend, where parents film their kids reacting to adults who may look different to them.
Entertainment 2020-08-10T19:32:44Z

Disney Channel's 'The Owl House' featured a beautiful, LGBTQ moment in its latest episode. It's a major step forward for the channel.

In "Enchanted Grom Fright," a monster reveals that Amity has a crush on Luz, a major move towards LGBTQ representation on Disney Channel.
Culture 2020-08-10T16:50:57Z

A Christian TikTok star says he's lost 'thousands' of followers after denouncing LGBTQ people and other religions

The younger brother of the Cash and Maverick online duo stoked controversy by preaching the "gospel" to his millions of followers.
Culture 2020-08-10T15:30:15Z

Internet comedian Elijah Daniel says he's starting 'The Alt Haus,' a collab house for gay and alternative creators

Since posting a TikTok video to recruit content creators, Daniel has received thousands of audition videos.
Culture 2020-08-10T10:54:21Z

NikkieTutorials says she is physically fine after being robbed at gunpoint at her house: 'Mentally it's a whole other story'

"Earlier today one of my biggest nightmares became reality when we got robbed under gunpoint at our own home," Nikkie de Jager wrote on Instagram.
Entertainment 2020-08-10T09:53:00Z

Jason Derulo appeared to knock Will Smith's teeth out after hitting him in the face with a golf club in a TikTok prank

Jason Derulo appeared to smash Will Smith in the face with a golf club while being taught how to do the perfect swing.
Lifestyle 2020-08-09T20:30:43Z

A woman made a long Furby for her friend's birthday, and the 6-foot-tall creature is going viral

Johnny Chiodini, who took the now-viral picture, told Insider that his wife brought the long Furby meme to life as a birthday gift for a friend.
News 2020-08-09T11:51:14Z

A woman claiming to be from the 'Freedom To Breathe Agency' filmed telling a grocery employee that she could face legal action for making people wear face masks

The mask-less woman gave the employee a piece of paper claiming she could go to prison for up to five years for telling customers to wear a face mask.
Lifestyle 2020-08-09T10:58:00Z

A dominatrix says her work lends itself perfectly to social distancing — but that the pandemic is the worst possible time to start out

A dominatrix told Insider how BDSM has adapted to the coronavirus pandemic, but said there are too many risks for a novice to take it up right now.
Design 2020-08-08T19:44:15Z

TikTok users can't get enough of this 'skinny house' outside of Chicago that has an abnormally narrow design

A TikTok user's video shows the "pie house" in Deerfield, Illinois. The two-bedroom, three-bath home was recently on the market for $269,900.
Culture 2020-08-08T14:00:00Z

An influencer got backlash for claiming Black slang terms belonged to internet culture. It highlights a common problem online.

Tomlinson has since deleted the videos noting that she was uneducated on the issue. It highlights an incredibly common phenomenon on the internet
Culture 2020-08-08T12:30:00Z

Chinese-Americans say Trump's potential WeChat ban would be 'heartbreaking' and destroy international lines of family communication

Many Chinese-Americans and Chinese citizens working in the US say that WeChat is a lifeline for communication with family and friends in China.
Culture 2020-08-07T21:32:00Z

The top TV show from the year you were born

From "The Golden Girls" to "Friends" and "Game of Thrones," there's always one TV series that stands out for a particular reason each year.
Culture 2020-08-07T20:54:07Z

A former NFL player has been freely tweeting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories amid a wave of celebrities spreading similar hate

Retired NFL player Larry Johnson's tweets echo recent forays into anti-Semitic rhetoric from DeSean Jackson, Nick Cannon, and Ice Cube.
Culture 2020-08-07T16:48:08Z

Molly Baz said that she will no longer appear in Bon Appétit videos after three Bon Appétit stars of color announced they were leaving the video channel

Bon Appétit's Molly Baz said she would no longer appear in BA videos after Sohla El-Waylly, Priiya Krishna, and Rick Martinez left BA video.
Entertainment 2020-08-07T16:15:00Z

Exclusive: Kermit the Frog is guest starring in Disney Channel's frog-focused show 'Amiphibia'

In an August 8 episode of 'Amphibia,' both Kermit the Frog and 'Downton Abbey's' Hugh Bonneville make cameos.
Culture 2020-08-06T23:54:09Z

Dr Disrespect has started to stream on YouTube over a month after his mysterious Twitch ban

Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch over a month ago, but is streaming for the first time since his ban on YouTube.
Culture 2020-08-06T20:11:56Z

The US Army will resume video game streaming on Twitch following the controversial bans of users who brought up war crimes

A US Army spokesperson said in a statement that the US Army esports team is reviewing its streaming policies and will unban people from its channel.
Beauty 2020-08-06T18:46:00Z

James Charles apologized to Alicia Keys after suggesting on Twitter that she shouldn't launch a beauty brand

In a tweet, James Charles said he's "not the gatekeeper of makeup," and that anyone should feel free to sell products if they choose.
Culture 2020-08-06T18:12:52Z

After the FBI raided Jake Paul's mansion, speculation was rampant about his associate 'Armani' Izadi, who is an accused pimp and was also searched by the feds

In addition to Jake Paul's Calabasas home, FBI agents also searched the Las Vegas mansion of his associate, 'Armani' Izadi, an accused pimp.
Culture 2020-08-06T16:36:50Z

Twin YouTube pranksters were charged with felonies after a fake robbery left their Uber driver held at gunpoint by police, officials say

Twin YouTubers Alan and Alex stokes have been charged each with a felony and a misdemeanor, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.
Culture 2020-08-06T14:34:10Z

A massively popular TikTok featuring dancing llamas made a Russian cereal commercial song go viral

The most popular "mi pan su su sum" video features a dancing llama. The jingle originally comes from a Russian commercial for "Miel Pops."
Culture 2020-08-06T12:30:00Z

How 'cancel culture' quickly became one of the buzziest and most controversial ideas on the internet

Despite the positive intentions of many cancellations, people tend to call out "cancel culture" as its own negative movement.
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