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Disney has shared the recipe for its peanut butter and jelly milkshake, and you only need 4 ingredients

prime time cafe milkshakes prime time cafe milkshakes
It only takes four ingredients to re-create these milkshakes at home.
Disney Parks
  • On Sunday, Disney released the recipe for its famous peanut butter and jelly milkshakes.
  • The drinks are typically served inside the '50s Prime Time Café at Disney World's Hollywood Studios.
  • To make them at home, you'll only need four ingredients: peanut butter, jelly, vanilla ice cream, and milk.
  • As seen in a video tutorial released by Disney, you'll also need a blender to complete the recipe.
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The '50s Prime Time Café at Disney World's Hollywood Studios is beloved amongst fans for its unique atmosphere and throwback-style dishes.

Now, however, you can make one of the restaurant's exclusive treats at home. On Sunday, Disney released the recipe for its famous peanut butter and jelly milkshakes. The drinks are typically served at the vintage-inspired restaurant, where you can get them as part of a table-service meal or at the location's bar.

In addition to the written recipe, found on the Disney Parks Blog here, there's also a video tutorial available on YouTube.

To make the milkshake at home, you'll only need four ingredients: two tablespoons of peanut butter, two tablespoons of jelly, two cups of vanilla ice cream, and a quarter cup of milk. If you don't have any jelly handy, Disney suggests using two cups of sliced strawberries instead.

Simply blend the ingredients together, and you'll have a treat that transports you to Disney World.

prime time cafe disney
A view of the '50s Prime Time Café in Disney World's Hollywood Studios.
Disney Parks

As the Disney Parks Blog mentioned online, because the recipe was converted from the one served at Disney World intended for more people, the flavor might differ slightly at home. The same goes for other recipes released by Disney in recent weeks. For example, there's instructions to help you make theme-park inspired churros, Dole Whip, French toast, grilled cheese, and more.

To learn more about Disney's free recipes, visit the Disney Parks Blog here.

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